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Festivals fill vim and vigor in everyone’s life. But with the commencement of any festival extra elan can be spotted on every kid’s face. Their innocence always makes them exited for the approaching festival. Meaning, rituals and traditions of the festival means nothing to them; the only things they posit from the day, is fun and enjoyment. Like they take every festival as a time to revitalize themselves and take it as a game where they can stay closer to their favorite cartoon character with the same attitude they look forward for Rakhi celebration. We youngsters understand the meaning of silky Rakhi thread but for kids it is a way closer to their favorite cartoon character. This makes a demand of kids Rakhi in market. A silky thread which is tied well the motifs or miniature of kid’s favorite item would definitely fill them with complete elan on the day and that is all what they expect from the festival.

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